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LGBT+ History Month 2020 – 7 great teaching resources for February

February 2020 is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans History Month History Month, so we've rounded up some great resources and reference sites for you to educate and celebrate...

  • LGBT+ History Month 2020 – 7 great teaching resources for February
  • LGBT+ History Month 2020 – 7 great teaching resources for February

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1 | LGBTHistoryMonth.org.uk

The theme this year which is Poetry, Prose and Plays, and the four representatives of the theme are Loraine Hansberry, EM Forster, Shakespeare and Dawn Langley Simmons.

You can find information and free posters supporting the theme here and there will soon be the Proud Trust work book that supports the 2020 theme added here too.

You’ll find this handy wallchart which features a timeline of key figures and events in LGBT history, as well as these curriculum posters featuring prominent LGBT figures in various areas, including Alan Turing, Simone De Beauvoir, Frida Kahlo and Yves Saint Laurent.

2 | Pride resources

2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and therefore of Pride month, and we put together this list of nine great resources for that which will also come in handy now.

There’s a list of LGBTQ+ themed films and accompanying resources from Into Film, this excellent gender continuum diagram and a guide on setting up a student LGBT group.

Plus, there are excellent articles such as:

Check out the full list here.

3 | The Proud Trust

Each year The Proud Trust produces a free LGBT History Month Pack for the theme of the year.

The 2020 pack isn’t available just yet, but you can still download 2014-2019’s packs freely.

Get them all here.

4 | Schools Out

If you’re after advice on things like tackling homophobic bullying or how to use language effectively then Schools Out has a whole host of resources for you to use.


The Gender Identity Research and Education Society has produced two different age-related lesson plans on gender identity for primary school.

There’s one for ages 3-6, and one for 7-11, both of which you can find here.

6 | LGBT History Month Scotland

This research report from 2012, Changing Hearts and Minds, is packed full of facts and findings from research into LGBT identities, experiences and representation in Europe.

Download the summary PDF here, or the full report here.

7 | Stonewall

If you’re looking to create an LGBT-inclusive primary curriculum, this free Stonewall guide can help compiled by Stonewall.

Whether you’re just getting started on LGBT inclusion or developing your best practice even further, Stonewall’s resources can help.

There are some excellent free-to-download PDFs such as this guide to working with parents, this framing inclusion through rights resource or this resource for schools with faith values.

Check them all out here.

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