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6 Of The Best Free Maths Mastery Resources For Primary School

With maths mastery flying up the government's agenda here are some of the best free resources available

  • 6 Of The Best Free Maths Mastery Resources For Primary School

Singapore maths has been en vogue for a while now, and the DfE is pushing the mastery approach in schools.

So, if you’re not doing so already, introduce it into your classroom with the help of these resources…

1 | Free mastery worksheets for teaching KS1/2 times tables

There are nine free resources here for you to teach times tables the mastery way. They are:

  • Two times table
  • Twos and fours
  • Three times table
  • Threes and sixes
  • Four times table
  • Five times table
  • Fives and tens
  • Six times table
  • Ten times table

You can find all of these free resources here.

2 | Teaching Children the Bar Method

From our very own resources pages, this guide to the ‘bar method’ – which is often taught as part of the Singapore maths approach – by Cherri Moseley introduces children to various pictorial models and concepts.

Download this resource here.

3 | Trinity Teaching School Alliance

If you’re looking for a long-term curriculum plan for primary mathematics in primary, Trinity Teaching School Alliance has listened to what teachers want and developed these mastery overviews. There is a termly plan for each year group from 1-6, with each term split into 12 weeks.

Check them out here.

4 | NRICH: The Challenge of Generalising and Proof

The great thing about these NRICH resources is not only are you getting expert guidance, you’re also getting easy-to-use problems to solve along the way.

This article emphasises that understanding the underlying structures of mathematics is fundamental to mastering the subject, which involves being fluent at generalising and proving. So this resource will look at what those two terms mean, and how you can help learners get better at them.

Find everything you need here.

5 | Assessment Materials

To help teachers make judgements on the degree to which pupils have acquired mastery of the mathematics curriculum, the NCETM, working in conjunction with the Maths Hubs programme, has produced a series of questions, tasks and activities, mapped against key topics of the National Curriculum.

There’s one each for Years 1 to 6, and they all feature an introduction to the principles of teaching for mastery and the implications for assessment in mathematics in the context of the new curriculum. Easy. Teaching it that is, not mastering maths.

Get yours here.

6 | Mathematics Mastery

Here you’ll find examples Mathematics Mastery’s lesson guides for Reception and Years 1-5, which all cover place value to demonstrate how the curriculum expectations progress in different year groups.

You can also download a curriculum map for Year 1 (all year groups are coming soon) which shows the topics covered and the length of time spent on each area, which you can use as a guide to introduce a mastery curriculum into your school.

Find the resources here.

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