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A New Way to Capture, Record and Share Students’ Learning Experiences!

Last updated:
17th December 2019

Launching at Bett 2019 on stand D120 is a brand-new solution developed with primary school teachers and TAs to help them capture and record pupils’ learning experiences in the classroom, while saving time and promoting parental engagement. Its name? ReallySchool.

  • Add or capture photos
  • Access current assessment criteria
  • One click for a detailed student view
  • View a range of class reports
  • Add audio and video notes
  • Create student journals
  • Share achievements and progress with parents
  • Celebrate student success
  • And more!

Already nominated as a Bett Awards 2019 finalist, ReallySchool has been developed to address the unique set of challenges primary teachers and TAs have a to deal with on a daily basis; from not only having to manage the classroom and teach according to the curriculum, but also having a requirement to document detailed evidence of learning for each pupil.

Learning and skills development occurs for each child, every single day, multiple times a day, so evidencing this for all of the children in a class is an immensely time-consuming task.

Work smarter not harder

ReallySchool is a tablet-based solution that helps teachers and TAs capture evidence showing that pupils are meeting specific learning and developmental goals.

It effectively eliminates the arduous task of taking photos of learning, printing them off, sorting them out, sticking them into each pupil’s learning journal and then adding lengthy handwritten notes. Instead, the flexible app allows teachers and TAs to capture photos and videos direct from their device or add existing ones to a child’s record.

They can add written or voice notes to observations as they occur, as well as see progress timelines highlighting at a glance those who are secure, developing or emerging in their key skills or, alternatively, where assessments are still required and there are gaps that need to be addressed.

Simple and intuitive enough to enable teachers to use it quickly and without training, ReallySchool stands apart from other solutions due to its flexibility. Teachers and TAs can add or remove pupils from groups on the fly – and even change the criteria mid-assessment if they have noticed a pupil has done something additional to the current topic.

Current criteria and frameworks (EYFS, KS1, Foundation Phase, KS2, Pre-key stage standards, PScales, CoEL, ECaT and EYDJ) are built into ReallySchool for convenience for teachers to assess against. Extra assessment criteria can be added as you go, as well as recording whether the activity was child-initiated, part of a guided group or adult-led.

Supporting parental engagement

Recognising a national picture of schools that struggle to engage parents, ReallySchool makes it easy to share a child’s progress directly to the parent’s phone (via their version of the app) to encourage further interaction between parents and teachers. Parents and teachers can comment on observations, opening a parent-teacher dialogue centred on pupil learning.

Don’t just take our word for it

For the last two years, NetSupport has worked closely with teachers and TAs from local primary schools on the development of ReallySchool to ensure that it will deliver real benefits for everyday use in the classroom.

“I highly recommend ReallySchool. It’s a fantastic product that has made a huge impact in the classroom.” – Dogsthorpe Infant School

To find out more about ReallySchool and how it can benefit your school, visit us at Bett 2019 on stand D120 or watch our short video below:

Alternatively, try ReallySchool today by simply registering your school for free at reallyschool.com.