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The Night Bus Hero

The Night Bus Hero

About the Book

Author: Onjali Q Rauf

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Price: £6.99


This novel from Onjali Q Rauf, bestselling author of the award-winning The Boy at the Back of the Class, is as surprising and compelling as her previous hit and likely to be just as popular with pupils.

Having upset most of his family and classmates, 10-year-old bully and narrator of the story, Hector, fixes his hatred on a local homeless man whom he assumes is responsible for a series of thefts from London landmarks.

When Hector discovers he is mistaken he sets out to track down the true thief, learning life lessons along the way from the homeless community he previously held in such disdain, as well as his arch-enemy, class swot Mei-Li.

Deftly tackling bullying, homelessness and the redemptive power of kindness, the story also deals enough intrigue to interest older readers.

With great pace and humour too, this is an ideal class reader and the extra resources at the end will help to prompt further discussion.

Recommended by ReadForGood.org.

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