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Where Zebras Go

Where Zebras Go

About the Book

Author: Sue Hardy-Dawson

Age Range:

Publisher: Otter-Barry

Price: £6.99, paperback


It’s always exciting to discover a new voice in children’s poetry - and this debut collection from Yorkshire-born Sue Hardy-Dawson reveals a talent that is very special indeed. From reframing fairy tales with a wickedly playful eye for detail, to asking uncomfortable but important questions about our treatment of the planet that sustains us, this is writing that is sure to entertain, challenge and inspire your pupils. Often enigmatic and sometimes obscure, the language both demands and handsomely rewards close attention; each poem is an intriguing invitation to dive beneath the shimmering surface and discover deep layers of meaning. There’s plenty of wry humour, too, and the poet’s own illustrations are delightfully atmospheric. Hardy-Dawson regularly performs her work in schools -  dyslexic herself, she is clearly not at all inclined to underestimate the ability of her audience to engage with sophisticated wordplay as well as ambitious imaginative leaps. Where Zebras Go is, quite simply, a triumph.

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