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The Great Aaa-ooo!

The Great Aaa-ooo!

About the Book

Author: Jonny Lambert

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Price: £10.99, hardback


Ah, story time; an idyllic interval of peace and stillness amidst the daily hubbub and high-octane activity that very much comes as standard with the EYFS territory… unless, that is, you deliberately choose a book that is as joyfully noisy as the children with whom you are sharing it!

Whilst quiet listening can be lovely, a chance for the audience to yell and shout as the plot unfolds is sometimes exactly what’s needed, and Jonny Lambert’s fun tale of a mysterious, scary sound that leads to all kinds of confusion amongst the creatures who live in the ‘dark, rackety wood’ certainly fits the bill.

Lambert’s choice of language is as deliciously rich and textured as his vibrant illustrations, and there’s an opportunity to play with a whole orchestra of animal noises, including the spooky ‘aaa-ooo’, as every page is turned, getting louder and louder until the action climaxes with a fabulous cacophony of cracking tree branches and tumbling beasts.

It’s enormous fun; we discover at the end that it’s Wolf Cub who has been responsible for the howling – but might your charges like to produce some art work depicting the monster that Mouse, Owl, Bear, Moose, Duck, Goose, and Dove imagine before they realise the truth?

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