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The Clockwork Dragon

The Clockwork Dragon

About the Book

Author: Jonathan Emmett

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Price: £6.99, paperback


It’s unlikely that Jonathan Emmett had the skills gap in mind when he came up with the idea for this whimsical romp about an experimental young toymaker who defeats a fiery dragon through his passion for motors, gears and cogs; but it’s a pretty good advertisement for the advantages of being an engineer nonetheless. When Max loses his job painting toys because he can’t resist converting them into clockwork playthings instead, the only alternative employment he can find is as a dragon slayer. With the help of Lizzie, the armourer’s daughter, he constructs a truly terrifying mechanical dragon and – using brains as well as brute strength – defeats the man-eating creature that has been terrorising their kingdom, proving the value of a mechanised approach to problem solving as he does so. It’s an exciting read, beautifully illustrated and besides, as we are so often told, it’s never too early to start nurturing an enthusiasm in the next generation for STEM subjects and the exciting career opportunities to which they can open doors…

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