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The Boneless Mercies

The Boneless Mercies

About the Book

Author: April Genevieve Tucholke

Age Range: 14-16 Years

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Price: £7.99


In a grim, mythical land, Frey leads a group of Boneless Mercies – death traders, who exist only to mercy kill. As you can imagine, this extremely dark career wasn’t chosen by any of them and they are understandably hoping for alternatives.

So when they hear of reward money on the table for the death of a dangerous monster, they set out to do the impossible, wishing either to escape the death trade or land a place in history.

The author does a terrific job in fleshing out all the characters – even the dreaded “Blue Vee Beast” possesses a tragic backstory – resulting in moments where I was hesitant to turn the page, lest one of the characters die.

An exceptionally ruthless story that pulls no punches, this book has undisputedly made April one of my favourite YA authors.

Hope a continuation is coming soon!

Reviewed by Oliver Minter-King, Year 10

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