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The Bat Book

The Bat Book

About the Book

Author: Charlotte Milner

Age Range: 5-7 Years 7-11 Years

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Price: £12.99


Take an amazing journey through the upside-down world of bats.

Written and illustrated by Charlotte Milner, bright, bold and beautiful pictures accompany fascinating facts about these furry flying mammals and their importance to the world we live in.

From the way they fly, to how they communicate with each other, how they hunt, and why they sleep upside-down, each of the world’s 1,300 types of bat is unique and utterly fascinating.

Bats are also important to the environment – as well as gobbling up pests and spreading seeds through the forests, they pollinate over 500 different species of plants throughout the world, including some of our favourite fruits, such as mangoes and bananas.

This is a fact-filled and fun follow-up to Milner’s The Bee Book and The Sea Book, teaching young animal lovers about why bats matter, why they are declining and what we can do to help.

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