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Sky Chasers

Sky Chasers

About the Book

Author: Emma Carroll

Age Range: 11-14 Years

Publisher: Chicken House

Price: £6.99


In 2014, Neal Jackson entered the Big Idea competition – a scheme that sees the winner’s suggestion turned into a book by an established children’s author.

Jackson’s notion was to conceive a story focused on the famous Montgolfier hot-air balloon, unveiled before King Louis XVI at Versailles in 1783, which transformed a duck, a rooster and a sheep into the first aeronauts.

It’s a delightful tableau – and in Sky Chasers the author Emma Carroll brings it to sparkling, thrilling life with her wonderful imagination and narrative genius.

Teaming a smart, tough and resourceful orphan, Magpie, with Montgolfier’s thoughtful son, Pierre – and throwing in a sinister pack of English rogues determined to steal the French inventor’s secrets – Carroll takes readers on a truly captivating and unforgettable journey.

It’s a masterpiece, with high drama, unexpected friendships and several genuine ‘high-five’ moments skilfully woven into a brilliantly breathless tapestry of adventure.

This title won the KS2 category in the Teach Primary Book Awards 2018.

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