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Roald Dahl: Words of Magical Mischief

Roald Dahl: Words of Magical Mischief

About the Book

Author: Susan Rennie

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Price: £6.99


Many magical things happen in Roald Dahl’s stories – Grandmas turn into beanpoles, fingers spark and flash, and a little girl uses telekinesis to move objects with her mind.

In fact, it’s hard to think of a Dahl story that doesn’t include a substantial sprinkle of magic.

But casting spells and causing trouble wasn’t the only trick up Dahl’s sleeve. He also understood the magic and power of language and his stories are bursting with a wealth of words that have held readers enthralled for decades.

Jam-packed full of words, definitions and examples from Roald Dahl stories, this book is designed to help children build confidence and have fun with their own vocabulary and creative writing, encouraging them to invent their own words and create their own spellbinding stories.

There’s help with using, spelling and saying a rich array of challenging words and formulas for concocting wonderfully inventive new ones.

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