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About the Book

Author: Samira Ahmed

Age Range: 11-14 Years 14-16 Years

Publisher: Atom

Price: £7.99


Set in a near-future United States that is all too chillingly familiar, and where the (unnamed) president has openly declared Muslims ‘a threat to America’, this fast-paced, gripping novel tells the story of 17-year-old Layla Amin and her family, who find themselves taken without warning from their home, and placed in an internment camp for Muslim American citizens, where the usual laws and protections do not exist, and non-compliance is met with instant and brutal retribution.

Despite the apparent hopelessness of her situation, Layla makes friends and forges alliances, eventually leading a revolution; but what price must she pay for freedom?

Ahmed is an excellent storyteller, and she uses her skill here to share a powerful message: that when fascism is on the rise, the silence of dissenters is as dangerous as the tyrants’ weapons; and any of us could be a victim – it’s no coincidence that the camp is located ‘near Manzanar’.

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