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Diver’s Daughter – A Tudor Story

Diver’s Daughter – A Tudor Story

About the Book

Author: Patrice Lawrence

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: Scholastic

Price: £6.99


This is the latest addition to Scholastic’s new Voices series. These are narrative non-fiction stories exploring authentic accounts of the life of British immigrants throughout history.

In this new instalment by award-winning author Patrice Lawrence, we meet a young East African girl, Eve, living with her mother in the slums of Elizabethan London.

When they hear from George Symon, a survivor from the sinking of the Mary Rose, that one of the African free-divers sent to salvage its treasures is alive and well and living in Southampton, mother and daughter agree to try to find him and attempt to dive another wreck rumoured to be rich with treasures.

Danger is never far away, as George is intent on claiming his share and Eve has to overcome a fear of water to try to rescue her mother.

This is a compelling and thrilling story that will hook young readers and excite history enthusiasts.

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