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A Story Like The Wind

A Story Like The Wind

About the Book

Author: Gill Lewis

Age Range: 7-11 Years

Publisher: OUP

Price: £8.99


This moving, atmospheric story is outstanding. Gill Lewis’s flowing prose tells the story of Rami. Marooned on a small boat with a group of strangers, Rami refuses all offers of help and support.

He has nothing to offer in return except a violin and an ancient story – a song of freedom and a story like the wind. Rami tells the fellow travellers around him the tale of Suke and his fight to save a wild foal. His moving fable prompts the other strangers to share their own stories – tales of first kisses, fragrant lemon trees, of hopes, dreams and their families.

This book is a celebration of determination, love and hope. It is about the mindless devastation of war and the power of music to unite. Jo Weaver’s blue and white charcoal illustrations are stunning and evoke beautifully the swirling sea and silent night sky.

A thought-provoking response to the refugee crisis.

Reviewed by Ian Eagleton

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