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Ten Little Pirates

Ten Little Pirates

About the Book

Author: Mike Brownlow

Age Range: 0-2 Years 3-5 Years 5-7 Years

Publisher: Orchard

Price: £11.99, hardback


Lightning strikes, a giant squid, ravenous sharks, hurricanes and cannon fire – counting down from ten has rarely been as thrilling as it is here in this sparky rhyming story of ten little pirates who are apparently dispatched one by one thanks to a succession of classic ocean mishaps. Simon Rickerty’s bright, cheeky illustrations are the perfect setting for Mike Brownlow’s bouncy, splendidly scanning verse, and there’s just enough suggestion of disaster to keep even the most reluctant carpet-sitter hanging on for the next stage (and shouting out the numbers as the narrative progresses). It’s feisty stuff - however, all’s well that ends well, because just as things start to look very bleak indeed for the last remaining ruffian, the whole gang is reunited on a rather enticing looking desert island where they sip coconut milk under the stars; altogether now: arrrrrrrr!

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