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Think mathematically and work confidently with numbers and algebra


What is it?

Two sets of activities to support teachers of mathematics from EYFS to KS2.

A Deep Sense of Number Starting with Dots is a new collection of over 50 activities, games and ideas for whole class teaching, small groups or pairs.

The activities start with a link to children’s intuitive sense of numbers through finger patterns and their ability to recognise small quantities. Then, the dot patterns build to working with larger quantities.

Using the patterns in different ways, children make discoveries and connections which lead them to think mathematically and work confidently.

Algeburble contains 100 tasks, together with commentary, which are flexible and can readily form the basis of a lesson or sequence of lessons, or they can simply be used to prompt fresh thinking at the start of a lesson.

It gives teachers the opportunity to consider what an early algebra curriculum might look like, and how, for example, to help pupils make the shift from computational to structural thinking through the use of representations such as tables, number lines and graphs, and, perhaps, the use of letters for numbers.

“Lots of practical ideas with clear descriptions and illustrations that I could pick up and use immediately”

Jeni Back

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