Motivate learners and build fluency with Sumdog Maths

Sumdog is an adaptive, online, games-based learning platform for pupils aged five–14 that helps build fluency in maths and boost children’s confidence. Using its sophisticated algorithm, Sumdog delivers personalised practice to match the individual ability level of each child.

Sumdog aims to make mastering maths skills fun and engaging for pupils. With more than 30 interactive games, Sumdog focuses on keeping children excited and engaged as they learn.

As children play Sumdog games, they answer multiple choice maths questions and are rewarded for accuracy by earning coins with every correct answer. Incorrect answers result in gameplay slowing down, encouraging pupils to take their time and focus on improving their accuracy.

When children master a maths skill, they are rewarded with an in-game pet or a new trick for an existing pet. Not only does this motivate pupils and encourage effort, but also allows them to see the value in their learning process.

“I’ve seen that regular use of the platform makes a huge difference in maths fluency.”

Jonathan Moorhouse, St Saviour CE Primary School

The Sumdog diagnostic tool assesses children’s maths ability and places them at their correct working level. Pupils then embark on a personalised learning journey, answering questions that are adapted to their individual level.

This allows children to play alongside their classmates at their own pace, reducing maths anxiety and boosting their confidence in the classroom.

Fully aligned to the English national curriculum, teachers can set challenges as an in-class task or homework activity on specific maths topics.

Sumdog’s newest curriculum is also aligned to version 3.0 of the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. This gives teachers the ability to incorporate Sumdog into their everyday maths lessons through a unique games-based approach.

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Need to know
  • A recent independent study has found that using Sumdog for just 30 minutes a week almost doubles children’s fluency progress in maths.
  • Balancing provision for a wide range of abilities in your class? Sumdog’s sophisticated learning engine tailors questions to each child’s individual level, providing a personalised, engaging learning experience for all pupils.
  • Sumdog isn’t just about times tables! It’s a comprehensive maths tool that is fully aligned to the English national curriculum, Scottish curriculum for excellence, Welsh LNF, Northern Irish curriculum, and version 3.0 of the White Rose Maths scheme of learning.

    So wherever you are, there’s something for you.


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