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A new Key Stage 1 and 2 homework resource from Oxford University Press and White Rose Maths

30 Second Briefing

From trusted publishers White Rose Education and Oxford University Press, this brand-new series provides homework matched to the White Rose Maths schemes of learning. 

See the benefits for yourself – access an online inspection copy of the Year 3 Maths Practice Journal by completing this form.

1. Ensure consistency

Written by White Rose authors, the Maths Practice Journals are aligned to the White Rose Maths schemes of learning. This allows for complete fidelity to the scheme and helps build consistency in your classroom, with each activity matched to the teaching taking place that week. 

The White Rose team grouped together the small steps into weeks, based upon their knowledge of the schemes and how teachers use them. However, the books can also be used flexibly to suit individual schools, teachers and children.

2. Reduce workload while raising attainment

The Maths Practice Journals take away the stressful task of finding or creating homework to match your White Rose teaching.

You can rest assured that your pupils will be completing relevant, engaging, impactful homework that is fully in line with the latest EEF recommendations. 

The fun activities will encourage your pupils to engage with their homework, building a learning environment of ‘keep up’, rather than ‘catch up’. 

3. Develop oracy

Language and oracy development is integrated throughout the Maths Practice Journals, with sentence stem prompts and questions to promote verbal reasoning.  

The Real World Maths tasks (using items from around the home) and Talk It Out/Think It Out challenges also help children to build confidence in using their growing mathematical vocabulary.

“Language and oracy development is integrated throughout the Maths Practice Journals, with sentence stem prompts and questions to promote verbal reasoning.”

4. Make it easy for parents/carers to help with homework

The questions in the Maths Practice Journals have been designed for both children and parents/carers to access easily, while requiring minimal equipment.

Each block opens with a Knowledge Organiser, which gives parents/carers an overview of the key learning and vocabulary covered, and acts as a reminder for children before completing their homework. 

At Key Stage 2, a Crack The Code feature provides a fun way for children to self-mark their answers – also helping parents/carers to see if their child is on track.

5. Competitively priced

Costing as little as £4.20 per homework book, these new Maths Practice Journals are an affordable option that will make the most of your budget.

Available to buy in great value packs, they are a quick and simple maths homework solution for Years 1 to 6.

For more information, call +44 (0)1536 452 620,

Key points
  • Topic-specific ‘key word’ boxes help to build pupils’ vocabulary in the maths classroom and beyond
  • The homework activities are relevant, engaging and meaningful, and fully in line with the latest EEF recommendations
  • Reflective learning and metacognition are at the heart of the Maths Practice Journals, allowing for effective consolidation of learning and raising of children’s attainment
  • Useful for learners and parents, each topic begins with a Knowledge Organiser featuring key vocabulary and examples of how the maths is taught
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