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Combine the power of augmented reality with hands-on coding exploration. Transform your classroom into a world of augmented reality adventures and set sail on the treasure island AR mat or explore the vibrant world of the town, creating an immersive educational experience.

Immerse your pupils in a world of wonder and discovery with E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats. These cutting-edge mats revolutionise how children learn, tangibly bringing concepts to life.

With vibrant visuals and interactive elements, children can explore the power of coding while having fun.

From discovering the wonders of a tropical island to a bustling town, E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats offer endless opportunities for exploration. Watch your pupils’ excitement grow as they navigate, solve puzzles, and interact with 3D models. With each activity, they deepen their understanding and develop critical thinking skills.

“Watch your pupils’ excitement grow as they navigate, solve puzzles, and interact with 3D models.”

Designed with educators in mind, E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats align seamlessly with the curriculum, making it easy to integrate into your lessons. They’re primarily focused on computing, but can also link with your geography, history, science, or even mathematics lessons.

These mats provide a dynamic platform for learning; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

But E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats are more than just a teaching tool – they foster collaboration and teamwork. Children can work together, sharing insights and problem-solving strategies as they navigate through challenges.

The interactive nature of the mats encourages peer interaction, communication, and cooperation, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Unlock the magic of learning with E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats and witness the transformation in your classroom. Engage, inspire, and empower your pupils to become lifelong learners.

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Need to know
  • E.a.R.L.2 AR Mats are designed to be user-friendly, allowing teachers and students to navigate the virtual worlds effortlessly. Simply download the free AR app, place the mat on a flat surface, and let your coding robot adventure begin.
  • The mats offer a cross-curricular approach, allowing pupils to explore various subjects and connect with different disciplines. From history and geography to science and maths, these mats provide a holistic learning experience.
  • Use our interactive challenges and problem-solving activities to help develop critical thinking skills. Pupils are encouraged to analyse, strategise and think creatively, fostering a growth mindset and preparing them for future academic and real-life challenges.
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