Square numbers list – square numbers up to 100

1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100

Is 1 a square number?

Yes, as 1 x 1 = 1 then 1 is a square number.

1 | Number square to 100 – 100 square multiplication grid

This simple activity is a good place to introduce square numbers. By laying them out on a 100 square children can see the nice, obvious pattern of the diagonal line across the square, which can only help them understand the idea.

There’s also this printable 100 square worksheet where you can challenge students to colour in the square numbers and spot patterns.

Get this resource here.

2 | What is a square number?

If you’re after a short video explaining what square numbers are, either for pupils to watch before class, or during, then this one does the job nicely.

Watch it above, or on YouTube here.

3 | How to teach square numbers in KS2

This article from John Bee is full of ideas you can use to allow pupils to experience the concept of square numbers, thus strengthening their understanding.

Plus, you can also download free resources to go with the activities.

Check it out here.

4 | Squaring numbers

Alternatively, this video is a little less hi-tec, but does a good job of addressing any potential uncertainties children might have, and lays the concept of square numbers out in an easy-to-digest manner.

Again, watch it above, or on Mr Bletcher’s YouTube channel, here.

5 | Square numbers introduction worksheet

This simple worksheet is a good place to start for pupils. It features a few questions each on squaring numbers, finding which number squared will give the target number, area of squares, square roots and some calculator work on finding the square root of large numbers.

Download and print it here.

6 | NRICH activities

NRICH always has a number of great activities and puzzles for maths topics, and square numbers is no different.

A few worth checking out are:

Check out the NRICH list of KS2 square number resources here.

7 | Custom worksheets

At primarymathsresources.com you can generate free worksheets instantly.

Choose between beginner, developing and expert, hit create, and it’ll give you a worksheet and answers to print. Simple as that.

Get your square numbers worksheets here.

8 | More free worksheets

For worksheets on square numbers to 12, you’ll find nine free ones ready to print at mental-arithmatic.co.uk.

Check them out here.

9 | Square Pairs game

This interactive game for two players gives you a number from 1-20, and asks you to drag another one next to it on a number line so that the two add up to a square number.

Player two then does the same, putting any of the remaining numbers next to the end numbers on the number line, as long as the two numbers next to each other add up to a square number.

Give it a play here.

10 | 1-50 squares quiz

For a fun challenge try this Sporcle quiz on square numbers. You have four minutes to find the square of every number from 1-50.

Challenge students to see how many they can get right before the timer runs out.

Test yourself here.