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6 of the Best KS4 RSPCA Science Lesson Plans for National Pet Month

As April is National Pet Month, we've highlighted some of the great teaching resources from the RSPCA for you to share with your KS4 class…

by Teachwire

1 | Animals and the Law – Debating Animal Welfare

In this lesson students take part in debating a motion regarding animals and the law.

Download this lesson plan here.

2 | Animals Used in Research – Animals Used in Testing: A Debate

In this lesson students will consider their attitudes towards animals and their use in experiments.

They will also learn about what animals are used and how many, the main areas of research and testing using animals, the level and nature of animal suffering involved, and the different views on animal experimentation in society.

Download this lesson plan here.

3 | Animals Used in Research – Ethics and Animal Research

This lesson provides the opportunity to further explore the ethical issues relating to the use of animals in science.

It also looks at how the public can have input into discussion and debate and the ways students can contribute within their own lives.

Download this lesson plan here.

4 | Animals Used in Research – Exploring Case Studies

Throughout this lesson, students are encouraged to engage with the facts to develop their own thinking about animals used in research.

They will consider in more detail the reasons why animals are used, the types of animals used, the purposes of the research and the impact this has on animals.

They will also consider alternatives to the use of animals in science and gain a better understanding of the differing views on the use of animals in science.

Download this lesson plan here.

5 | Genetic Engineering – Animals Used in Medicine: Role Play

In this lesson, students will consider the impact of advances in genetic alteration on animals and the consequences for animal welfare.

Download this lesson plan here.

6 | Genetic Engineering – Intensive Farming and Selective Breeding

In this lesson, students will consider the effects of selective breeding and different production/management systems on farm animals and the resulting ethical and moral implications.

Download this lesson plan here.

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