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6 free algebra games to try online

Maths is essentially all just one big puzzle book anyway, so why not have some fun?

  • 6 free algebra games to try online

Remember the good old days? Remember sitting silently in a classroom with a list of equations as long long as your arm? Remember the stern teacher looming over you waiting to bark at the first person to mix up their x and their y? Those were the days.

OK, so perhaps those memories are a little bit on the nostalgic, rose-tinted side of things. It’s safe to say that education back then, while no means Dickensian, wasn’t quite as it is now.

Today there are loads of ways to try new maths concepts, and online games are naturally one of the most fun. So here’s a small selection that your KS3 class might enjoy.

1 | Maths Balloons

The aim of this game, beyond getting the algebra equations right is to match three balloons of the same colour together in a line. Each balloon has an equation on which you must correctly say whether it’s true or false. Each one you get right bursts the balloon and the ones above drop down into its space.

It’s seriously addictive. Try it here, or go for the harder quadratic version here.

2 | Grade or No Grade

This multiplying and dividing integers game isn’t too dissimilar from that random-chance box-opening show off the telly. Only here, coming up with a strategic system might actually help, if that system is algebra at least. Maths still can’t help you finding which box has the top prize though.

See what the big deal is here.

3 | Who Wants to be a Hundredaire

Another game based off a television quiz show (is it still going? It can’t be, can it?), this one lets you answer square root questions to work your way up to the top prize of $100, which apparently you don’t actually win no matter how many times you email the company to demand it.

Take your turn on the game show here.

4 | Algebra Puzzle Grid

A simple-but-effective concept this one. Choose either a 3x3 or 3x4 grid which and decipher the symbols using the totals for each row and column.

Play it here.

5 | Algebra Noodle

Board-game enthusiasts will dig this little gem. Move your pieces around the board faster than the CPU player, and knock them back spaces by landing on their piece. All by correctly answering algebra questions.

Roll 6 to start here

6 | Algebra Smash

Maths can sometimes get frustrating, so much so it can make you want to smash things. Well, now you can.

This big, green and definitely-in-no-way-affiliated-with-a-famous-angry-green-superhero monster is the Incredible Hunk. Yep. Don’t make him angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

But, he’s not like that other dude who rips his shirt every time he gets in a fight with a bear, kicks over a beehive only to be attacked by said bees or gets lassoed by cowboys (all actual things from the TV show), this raging behemoth gets upset when you get maths questions wrong.

So, y’know, don’t.

Give it a go here.

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