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12 Things Teachers do When Marking

From forgetting the answer sheet to correcting your own corrections, every teacher knows the pain of these dozen errors that are easily made when marking...

  • 12 Things Teachers do When Marking
1 | Howl at the uncaring sky when greeted with a page of writing with no capital letters, full stops or finger spaces

2 | Correct a spelling, squint at it sideways, then correct your correction

3 | Question why you let them generate their own numbers with dice – all these sums are different!

4 | Gaze in disbelief as the pile somehow gets bigger and bigger with each book marked

5 | Weep bitter tears when you realise you’ve forgotten the answer sheet

6 | Make the mistake of finishing off the bottle of wine before you complete your marking

7 | Spend more time looking for the perfect ‘Well done’ sticker than you do marking the book

8 | Scour the house for a suitable alternative when you discover you’ve left your approved-colour pen at school. End up marking in crayon

9 | Wonder if it’s your pupils that can’t write, or you who can’t read

10 | Proudly write ‘Great work, Sam!’. Realise you are not marking Sam’s book

11 | Wonder just how many more days that bag of books can ride around in the boot of your car

12 | Do a celebratory victory dance when the last book is marked. Fall asleep on the sofa five minutes later

Ian Goldsworthy is a Y2 teacher at Manor Lodge School, Shenley, Hertfordshire. Follow him on Twitter at @ian_goldsworthy.

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