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Ancient Egyptians KS2 – Free teaching pack

What's included?

Teaching notes; worksheets; research sheet; and diary planning sheet

Key Stage



Years 5-6


All the Butterfly Club books hinge on a theorem called The Butterfly Effect, a concept that, essentially, states that the mere flap of a butterfly’s wings in one place can have a huge impact in another far away.

Each book features time-travelling thieves Luna, Konstantin and Aidan. They travel forward in time from Greenwich, London, in 1894, to steal artefacts from the future. They’re working on behalf of a shadowy secret society called The Butterfly Club.  

The Butterfly Club books are about the ultimate kind of travel – time travel.

And because time travellers always – funnily enough – seem to wind up in the most interesting periods in history, the urge to have them meet real historical figures is irresistible.

But I did manage to resist the temptation to have my three young heroes meet Shakespeare or Caesar or Columbus.

Instead, the series takes as its subject very well-known events, but largely unknown heroes…

Ancient Egyptians resources

Use this teaching pack to supplement learning around MA Bennett’s The Mummy’s Curse. Even if you aren’t reading the book, you can use these resources to tie into your Ancient Egypt topic in KS2.

MA Bennett is the author of The Butterfly Club series. The Mummy’s Curse (£7.99, Welbeck) is on sale now.

Ancient Egyptians KS2 – Free teaching pack

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