What will students see and do?

Are you thinking about organising a school trip to Footprints on the Moon? Take your class on an adventure through acres of beautiful woodland, meadows, rivers and ponds.

Research suggests that forest schools improve confidence, social skills and physical development. Through imaginative outdoor play students will learn and flourish.

Some students do not respond well to a traditional classroom setting so why not take your classroom outdoors?

Footprints on the Moon is situated in the enchanting Plessey Woods Country Park. During your visit, the forest is your classroom without walls. Provide your students with space to develop and explore.

Through outdoor learning, children can connect with the natural world. Students will experience the forest through a variety of different child-centred activities. Your class will use their senses to play, build and create as they explore the wonders of the forest.

Take your class on a mini-beast and bug hunt. Help them find and identify critters with magnifying glasses. Students can then learn how to use and make tools for building dens and digging in the mud.

Carry on with some river play and pond dipping. Then finish off your day with some delicious treats around the campfire.

Students and teachers will engage with one another whilst experiencing the great outdoors. Options are available for all ages and abilities. Activities will be dictated by the desires of the group.

Watch as your students gain confidence by exploring the wonders of the forest.

Footprints on the Moon aims to provide equal opportunities for everybody to experience. School group sessions can therefore be adapted for children with additional needs. Contact the school if you would like to discuss this with them or mention it when booking.

If you are interested in booking a school group session, you can contact the team at Footprints on the Moon directly through their website via their online booking form.

Providing an outdoor learning environment for your students will allow them to learn and grow through the wonders of the natural world. Give them a taste of forest school learning and open up a world of opportunities for their education.

Teaching resources provided

Footprints on the Moon provides high-quality teaching resources to help you get the most out of your sessions.

Minimum and maximum group size

Footprints on the Moon usually takes groups of up to 30 children but larger groups can be arranged if necessary.
Suggested child to adult ratios are:

Early Years Foundation Stage – 1:3
Key Stage 1 – 1:6
Key Stage 2 & 3 – 1:10
Key Stage 4 – 1:15
Key Stage 5 – 1:20

If you wish to bring along additional adult helpers for your group, please make the school aware when booking.

Details of risk assessment

Footprints on the Moon will assist you with health and safety risk assessments.

You can learn more about the forest school’s risk assessment guidelines on its website. Alternatively, you can contact the school by phoning 07432 103446.


Don't miss our downloadable A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

icon for A-Z guide on completing a risk assessment

Facilities On-Site

Locations are available on-site to store your belongings and valuables during your visit. Space is available for school groups to eat their lunch. Students should bring a packed lunch with them.

Keep in mind that the weather might be wet! Children should always be dressed in waterproof clothing for a wet and muddy adventure.

Students should bring waterproof clothing, water and spare kit. All groups will be met upon arrival in the car park before being given a health and safety briefing. Toilet facilities are available.

Opening Times

Educational visits are available to book Monday-Friday during term time.

School group sessions can be half or full-day depending on your requirements.



Contact the education team to discuss costs.

Travel arrangements

Parking is free for visitors.


Plessey Woods Country Park , Hartford Bridge , Bedlington, Northumberland
NE22 6AN

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Book your school trip to Footprints on the Moon

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

Book your school trip to Footprints on the Moon

For information on booking your school trip to this venue, click below.

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