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Telling the time made simple – every primary classroom should have this clock!

EasyRead Time Teacher
The Lowdown
EasyRead Time Teacher
In a nutshell
Time / Analogue clocks / Maths
Key Stage
KS1, KS2

At EasyRead Time Teacher, we’re passionate about helping children learn. Telling the time is an essential life skill, but it’s a struggle for many, so that’s why we developed the EasyRead Classroom Clock.

It’s a working clock the whole KS1/2 class can use every day.

The face is designed to make telling the time simple. As well as bold digits representing hours, the minute numbers are clearly marked, along with the half and quarter hours. The clock face works with a clever 3-step process for telling the time:

  • Read the number at the end of the long hand
  • Say which side the long hand is pointing to (minutes past or to)
  • Read the number at the end of the short hand

It’s a simple process that most children learn very quickly. With repeated use, they soon transfer their skill to other, less detailed, analogue clocks.

“It’s a simple process that most children learn very quickly”

As well as wall clocks, EasyRead Time Teacher supplies watches, teaching aids and class resources for use in KS1/2 when children are learning about time.

Our Classroom Set has everything you need to help your children confidently tell the time.

Need to know
  • Children learn to tell the time very quickly using the EasyRead classroom wall clock. With every-day use as your class time-piece, your KS1 students will soon master telling the time.
  • EasyRead Time Teacher’s student and teacher resources make learning to tell the time fun, using a simple 3-step teaching method.
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EasyRead Time Teacher

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