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Review – Ten Minute Box

Ten Minute Box
At a glance
  • A multisensory phonics intervention for teaching digraphs to pupils of any age
  • Contains instructions, assessments, lesson plans, activities, games and resources
  • Dedicated and designed for children who struggle with progress in literacy
  • Teaches 50 digraphs and 300 curriculum words through fun multisensory phonics games

A little suitcase that packs a punch for bite-size but effective literacy learning…

If you are looking for a systematic and individualised intervention programme for maximising learning potential that can be used alongside any phonics scheme, then Ten Minute Box offers a structured and cumulative curriculum with multisensory support second to none.

This adaptable and flexible resource uses a simple but effective approach for helping children needing further support with their reading and spelling, by using carefully thought through activities for just a few minutes a day that make a positive impact.

Ten Minute Box is basically a mini-suitcase of learning that uses a systematic sequence of teaching and comes with a whole host of supporting materials, record of achievement booklets and an illustrated teaching guide with really clear planning.

To make the learning fun, children take on the role of Digraph Detective and their tutor assumes the persona of Inspector.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants will find this resource particularly useful because everything you need can be found inside the box which saves valuable time.

For something so small, this colourful case really does pack a lot of quality materials inside and includes an instruction manual, activities book, sentence list and sentence isolator, record of achievement and record of work bundles, nine digraph panels, nine sets of digraph cards, A5 whiteboard, two coloured pens and eraser cloth, blank game board, Beginning, Middle and End flags and End board, two shoelaces, round and long beads, timer, six-sided die and four coloured cubes and treasury tags.

The idea of the Ten Minute Box is to regularly support the learning of digraphs through quality one-to-one input so that gaps in understanding can be addressed, targeted and plugged.

Children follow their own individual programme and still access whole-class provision so they are getting the best of both worlds.

The box is ideal for TA use but is very much for children to ‘own’ so they don’t fall into learned helplessness and they are encouraged to unpack and select what they need for each session.

Each child has a record of achievement booklet so they can see the progress they make by working on skills in small steps. Comments can easily be added to the booklets and these show what children have grappled with and mastered over time.

A highly supportive teaching manual is provided, written by SEND experts, and there is also online training available in how to get the best out of the Ten Minute Box to suit every setting.

What makes this resource so powerful is that lessons are short, snappy and focused, tuning into attention spans for long enough to make a difference.

It reduces cognitive load so all pupils can feel a sense of progress, and it can be used from Year 2 upwards. This is an excellent classroom investment for a wide range of learners.

£115, visit or email

Verdict Reviewed by John Dabell
  • Highly inclusive and especially useful for children with specific learning difficulties
  • Allows teachers and TAs to diagnose and address areas of strength and weakness
  • Perfect for teaching in bite-sized chunks
  • Ideal for one-to-one support or small group interventions to help children ‘crack the code’
  • Allows children to take ownership of their own learning and encourages independence
  • Provides a range of strategies for pupils to access
  • Recognises learning anxiety and tackles self-esteem problems

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