5 reasons to use… the Roarsome Writing Club films, developed by children’s author Jenny McLachlan


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Best-selling children’s author and former teacher Jenny McLachlan has launched a suite of ‘Roarsome Writing Club’ films designed to share her top writing tips with teachers and their students. Here are five reasons to try them…

1. Easy-to-follow steps

Each film introduces the class to one of Jenny’s tried-and-tested techniques to improve creative writing, from adding ‘delicious details’ to a character description to writing similes that reveal ‘hidden messages’ to the reader.

Jenny gives examples of how she uses each technique in her own books, then sets fun and simple challenges that children will love.

2. Another teacher in the classroom

As a teacher, it can be hard to always be the voice imparting knowledge. These free films are a brilliant way of bringing an award-winning author into the classroom.

Students can learn how Jenny created popular books like The Land of Roar and Fairy vs. Boy series, then try out her ideas by creating their own magical fictitious worlds.

“These free films are a brilliant way of bringing an award-winning author into the classroom.”

3. Perfect for reluctant writers

As well as helping keen writers take their writing to the next level, these films are designed to boost the confidence of students who might find writing a challenge.

By breaking the process down into simple steps and keeping the challenges simple and fun, Jenny shows that creative writing is for everyone.

All children have a superpower: an incredible imagination waiting to be unleashed. In these films, Jenny helps them find it and set it free!

Part one of Jenny McLachlan’s Roarsome Writing Club series.

4. Improve reading skills too

By hearing an author talk about the decisions she makes when she is writing, students see how much thought goes into writing each sentence. They will help students understand that writers are trying to make their readers think and feel as well as enjoy a good story.

Have you ever been asked by students, “Do writers really put that much thought into their writing?” Now you have your answer: yes they do!

5. Extra ROARsome resources

You can find more resources online on Jenny’s website, including printable comic strip sheets, map-making worksheets, fun fact files, a design a dragon template and much more!

Need to know
  • FREE to use!
  • Ideal for KS2 students
  • Author-led creative writing tips
  • Perfect for reluctant writers


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