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Pilot Pen UK launches inspiring campaign to promote the benefits of handwriting

Pilot Pen UK is inviting your school to take part in its MAKE YOUR MARK COMPETITION, for the chance to see your pupils’ hand-drawn creations on billboards all over London...

Your handwriting and the way you make your mark is as unique to you as your fingerprint or your smile. Writing, sketching, doodling and designing all help us to connect more deeply with ourselves.

These activities improve our reading and writing, help us to remember more and even understand the world around us better. 

When we use writing tools to make our mark on the page, we’re taking part in a beautiful dance of motor skills and thought, synthesis and creation. This competition is all about celebrating the joy and wonder of using your pen and making your mark. 

In the lead up to the MAKE YOUR MARK campaign, Pilot is running a competition this April for all KS2 students across the UK. The competition is designed to help teachers and their pupils explore all the benefits of handwriting and the different ways we make our mark, on the page and in the world.   

The winners will get to see their creations displayed as part of Pilot’s MAKE YOUR MARK campaign, appearing on digital billboards across London (including Charing Cross, Bethnal Green and Chiswick High St) and on Pilot social media platforms from May 2024.  

“The winners will get to see their creations displayed as part of Pilot’s MAKE YOUR MARK campaign, appearing on digital billboards across London.”

Plus, the first 100 schools to register will receive a free Pilot V Board Master Whiteboard Kit, and as a bonus, when your school submits entries to the competition, you’ll go into the draw to win one of four Pilot class gift packs (each pack includes a pencil case filled with pens for 30 pupils).

This campaign aims to inspire adults by showing them through the perspective of children – who draw, write, doodle and design everyday – that they too can connect more deeply with themselves and the world around them when they pick up a pen.

We can’t wait to see how the children are going to use their pens to express themselves and put their personality down on paper – it will be fascinating to see what they create.

When you register to enter, you will be able to download a digital pack containing: 

  • A digital assembly presentation to explain the competition and get everyone excited. 
  • A digital class presentation, which will go into more detail about the benefits of handwriting and using pens and pencils to express yourself.  
  • An infographic to send out in your school newsletter and inform parents and carers. 
  • A one-page info sheet with instructions on HOW TO ENTER.


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