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Ed:gen is the next generation of MIS, but is it evolution or revolution?

Management Information Systems relay some of the most important information from inside your school, but in recent years innovation in this area has been hard to find.

IRIS has taken matters into its own hands with Ed:gen, the answer to the stagnant MIS market.

At a glance

  • Ed:gen is a cloud-based MIS designed for education professionals regardless of location
  • Its simple-to-use dashboard gives a clear view of data, powering better decision making.
  • Working in real time, staff can share notes and powerful, simple communication tools
  • It saves time for teachers by minimising admin and putting information at their fingertips

The problem with the traditional MIS

The traditional MIS is lacking features needed for today’s teaching environment. Outside of the education industry there are intuitive interfaces, timesaving mechanics and a general feeling of modernity, but existing school MIS systems for education are dated and clunky.

The traditional MIS doesn’t make teachers and school leaders’ lives easier. Instead it adds another layer of process – costing them even more time.

Teachers also can’t make the most of their data. While the odd excel spreadsheet might provide figures, it is only as good as the data from when it was created, and it therefore doesn’t give the real-time view needed to show teachers they are improving the life chances of children.

This applies to the whole school estate. From finance and payroll to HR and administration, each department is moving information from one system (or spreadsheet) to another, gaining little intelligence in the process.

Trusts need to evaluate information across all departments to make strategic decisions about their direction. But instead, traditional systems force every department to work in inefficient and time-consuming siloes.

Finally, the world is quickly moving to cloud computing, where working from anywhere, on any device, over the internet, is the norm. Sadly, too many MIS systems remain in administration offices behind closed doors, which means the most vital information cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

Ed:gen – the next gen solution

IRIS observed these issues, and developed an MIS that addresses these problems – IRIS Ed:gen.

Harnessing the power of data is a common theme when assessing MIS systems, and IRIS’ offering is particularly impressive. Refining how information is presented, accessed and utilised, Ed:gen’s single view of all data, in real time and in one place, makes it an incredibly powerful decision-making tool.

Ed:gen is far easier to access and use than its counterparts, partly thanks to its cloud-based nature. Data can be checked from anywhere – from a desktop in the classroom, to the mobile app in the staff room, or a laptop in the kitchen.

Collaboration is finally efficient too. There’s real-time sharing, voice to text features, and automated communication tools between teachers, departments, and year groups.

An intuitive registration feature syncs notes from one register to another across the day, essentially sharing notes in real time. Meanwhile, timetables, reporting, and auditing also benefit from Ed:gen’s single view.

All of this means that IRIS has created an MIS that tangibly improves productivity and saves teachers’ time, offering the potential to lead to even bigger positive outcomes for schools.

So is it evolution, or revolution?

For over 12,000 schools and academies, IRIS Education already provides staff the catalyst for real, positive changes in the way that they use data. And for over four million families, IRIS connects staff and students with the things that matter – each other.

This approach is also applied to IRIS Ed:gen. Each feature offers a level of ease and connectivity not seen before in MIS technology and when combined, the resulting product makes you wonder why things weren’t like this all along.

What IRIS has created with Ed:gen is more than an evolution of past MIS software. It’s the MIS revolution teachers and school leaders have been waiting for.

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