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Build the Change Tuesday – Getting pupils sustainability-savvy

The Lowdown
LEGO Group’s Build the Change Tuesday
In a nutshell
Free / Weekly / Lego / Sustainability / Worksheet
Key Stage
KS2, KS3

The LEGO Group’s Build the Change Tuesday is a brand-new free weekly sustainability news resource for ages eight–13, inspiring children to debate sustainability issues and express their hopes for the future.

Looking to get your pupils sustainability-savvy? You can now tackle environmental issues in a 20-minute burst of activity that slots right into the school day.

The LEGO Group and The Day are launching Build the Change Tuesday, a weekly sustainability resource involving debates, puzzles and creative challenges. With Build the Change Tuesday, many curriculum aims can be ticked off in registration.

Whether it’s debating if an elephant can ever be considered human, or contemplating being your own central heating, pupils aged between eight and 13 will develop so many skills, including critical thinking, debating and creativity, just to name a few.

Each news story leads into a creative challenge, inspiring children to come up with innovative solutions to environmental issues in a hands-on way.

They can gather LEGO bricks or any crafty materials they can find. Whether it’s a LEGO animal sanctuary or a wind turbine made out of toilet rolls, pupils are empowered to use their huge imaginations to make real solutions.

“It’s time for pupils to become activists. After all, they are the future of the planet”

As part of the wider Build the Change project from The LEGO Group, it’s time for pupils to become activists. After all, they are the future of the planet.

Build the Change Tuesday is brought to you by the LEGO Group and The Day, and is the only free weekly resource from the Day’s News Detectives programme; a no-fuss daily dip into the news for ages eight –13, with a different theme every day of the week.

  • “One of those invaluable activities that is short and to the point (taking a maximum of 20 minutes to complete) and instantly brings children up to speed with news and real world issues.”
  • “It hits many curriculum areas in a real and easy way. Children can develop reading, comprehension and discussion skills along the way, and it can be used as little or as much as you like.”
  • “Having news items little and often as you do with News Detectives also allows children to embed ‘sticky knowledge’ that they can then apply with confidence across the curriculum, in school and at home.”

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