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Accelerate attainment in maths and track pupil progress with Whizz Education

Whizz Education

Working in partnership with schools, Whizz Education creates mutually agreed implementation plans for maths provision.

Building teacher capacity, and a combination of context and data that drives course correction, plus access to our award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz, have a much higher impact on improving learning outcomes than edtech alone.

If used for an average of 60 minutes per week, Maths-Whizz is proven to improve “Maths Age” by more than 18 months in the first year of use, without additional burden for teachers.

Capacity building

Teacher training delivered by the team of experienced educators empowers staff to achieve a differentiated and more creative approach to maths. Whizz provides new staff familiarisation and parental engagement sessions, too, covering the navigation of Maths-Whizz, right through to basic data analysis.

Assessment data

Real-time learning analytics help teachers with creative lesson planning and addressing identified needs. Reports track progress in real-time, so teachers can address learning gaps, and can submit the reliable data to Ofsted and governors, demonstrating progress and attainment.

Course correction

Data-driven course correction enables teachers to provide feedback, and any students or cohorts who are struggling are identified. Teachers learn how to assess and monitor students’ strengths and weaknesses and proactively use the virtual tutor, Maths-Whizz, to address needs and improve learning outcomes.

Teachers’ resources

1,200 high-quality, creative resources including worksheets, tests, animated exercises and rich extension problems support teachers. Online and offline information, competitions and training materials offer insight into topical problems, including how to overcome issues such as maths anxiety.

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