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Watch Author Zana Fraillon Talk About The Refugee Crisis And The Importance Of Empathy

Open up a discussion on current issues in your class with her new book, The Bone Sparrow

  • Watch Author Zana Fraillon Talk About The Refugee Crisis And The Importance Of Empathy

Born in Melbourne Australia, and growing up in San Francisco, Zana Fraillon always had her head in a book. This could have been because she was 8 years-old before anyone realised she was incredibly near-sighted and probably couldn’t see anything further away than the words on the page.

Her love of reading has remained central to her life and work. After studying history at university then training to be a primary teacher her writing is still hugely influenced by both these passions; using meticulous research as the foundation for her work whether it’s her two picture books for young children, her series for middle readers or her book for older readers based on research and recounts of survivors of the Forgotten Generation.

Her most recent book, The Bone Sparrow, is no exception. Through the journey of a refugee through camps and detention centres the book can be a great topic starter in your classroom.

Here’s Zara talking about her book, the research behind it and the importance of empathy.

Tell us about your new book

What’s important about empathy?

What research did you do while writing The Bone Sparrow?

What inspired you to write the book?

What is the book about?

Why did you write about detention centres?

Why did you use a child protagonist?

Why these refugees?

Zana reads from The Bone Sparrow
If you’re intrigued by her new book, take a listen to the author herself read an excerpt.

The Bone Sparrow, published by Orion Children’s Books, is available in hardcover from Hatchette Children’s Group for £12.99 and in paperback for £6.99. An ebook is also available (price on request).

Download free resources for The Bone Sparrow from The National Literacy Trust here

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