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Relative clauses – 7 of the best worksheets, examples and resources for KS2 SPaG/English

Relative clauses? Relative pronouns? It's all relative when it comes to improving your primary pupils' grammar skills. So check out these teaching ideas, lesson activities and more...

  • Relative clauses – 7 of the best worksheets, examples and resources for KS2 SPaG/English

What is a relative clause?

Relative clauses provide extra information about a noun, and are introduced by relative pronouns (eg who, that, where)

Relative clause examples

  • The boy who brought the cakes.
  • The house with the red door and Georgian windows.
  • The road which bends to the left.
  • The dress that I wore to the party last week.

1 | Relative clauses sentence-maker cards

This hands-on resource is a great way for children to revise and practise using relative clauses.

Sentence fragments (blue and green cards) can be fitted together, then relative clauses (yellow cards) added – with some of the resulting complex sentences being funnier than others!

Download and print here.

2 | Relative pronouns and relative clauses grammar quiz

This quiz lets students get to grips with relative clauses with questions where the relative pronoun has been removed from each sentence. They just need to pick the correct one from a choice of three each time.

Answers are included.

Download and print here.

3 | Relative clause Year 5 challenge

This Y5 grammar worksheet helps students practise and revise using relative clauses, by getting them to add relative clause to sentences, write three sentences about an image using a relative clause in each, spotting relative clauses in sentences and more.

Get it here.

4 | Create sentences with relative clauses

In this exercise, students are given two short sentences, which they need to rewrite as one by adding a relative pronoun.

Get it a try here.

5 | Tricky grammar story starters: Relative clauses

The session provides a motivating and memorable image to stimulate discussion, before introducing the grammar element, which is ‘relative clauses’.

Children have time to practise using this feature, before undertaking a short writing task to apply what they have learnt in the context of creative writing.

Get this one here.

6 | Relative clauses grammar worksheet

This 10-page PDF is packed with info and exercises on relative clauses for you to use as a guide in your teaches or to take activities from.

It describes defining and non-defining relative clauses before offering a whopping 25 multiple-part questions for students to try.

Download it here.

7 | Relative clause games

This list contains 24 defining and non-defining relative clause games that you can try with students and adapt however best you see fit.

There are sentence-building activities, story creation games and more.

Check them out here.

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