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8 of the best shape recognition resources and activities for early years

Don't be a square, boost your kids' shape recognition skills with these ace activities

by Teachwire
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! 2D shape recognition posters for Early Years and KS1 maths

1 | We’re going on a shape hunt

Grab your iPads and help children explore their environment, with these ideas from Marc Faulder.

Children will learn how to talk about the properties and functions of 2D shapes, recognise 2D shapes in the environment and use knowledge of 2D shapes in a design task.

You’ll find this free lesson plan here.

2 | 2D shape recognition posters

This colourful set of 12 posters will introduce children in the early years and Key Stage 1 to common regular shapes, from the simple circle and square to the crescent and decagon.

Display them around your classroom to develop important mathematical language and knowledge.

Download these free printable posters here.

3 | Wooden shape puzzles

For those of you who are handy with a hacksaw and some sandpaper these colourful and chunky shape puzzles can be made with minimal fuss.

All the instructions you need, should you need them, are here.

4 | Printable shape puzzles

Alternatively, if scissors and glue are more your thing than sweeping up sawdust these printable puzzle pieces might be a better option.

You’ll find these here.

5 | Name that shape

This colourful selection of illustrations are formed of a variety of shapes, designed to support the development of early maths skills.

Sheets containing the constituent parts of each picture are provided for you to cut up, allowing children to recreate the illustrations or come up with their own designs.

You can find all these here.

6 | Feed the shape monsters

Give shape sorting a terrifying twist in time for Halloween with these googly-eyed shape monsters.

Head to The Imagination Tree for this fun sorting game.

7 | Cut-out road shapes

These six cut-out road designs for early years settings will support children’s shape recognition and develop their motor skills as they engage in vehicle-based small-world play.

Print them out here.

8 | Mirror box shapes

This mirror box idea is just one of many shape-based activities at Stimulating Learning.

You’ll also find some cool lightbox creations, shape picture activities and some doughy monster making.

Check them all out here.

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