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8 of the Best School Resources and Activities For Red Nose Day 2019

Friday 15 March this year is a time for schools to get have fun and fundraise for a great cause, so here are some ideas to get you going...

  • 8 of the Best School Resources and Activities For Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day is one of the biggest events of the year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about other cultures and the difficulties faced by many people both overseas and in the UK, all while having fun and raising money to help tackle poverty and injustice.

Find out more about Red Nose Day 2019 on the official website or by following Comic Relief on Twitter at @comicrelief.

On to the resources.

1 | Offical Red Nose Day resources

Naturally, your first stop should be rednoseday.com where you’ll find loads of ideas for fundraising for early years, primary and secondary, from hosting a bake off to dressing up, having a party or karaoke and coming up with creative challenges.

Some of our favourites include dressing as the boss (either everyone dresses as the head or children can dress as their teachers), games night (a great chance to get some maths activities going) and The Walking Red where everyone wears as much of that colour as possible.

And, of course, there are learning resources, which you can find here.

Head to the schools page where you’ll find all this and more, including links on setting up a fundraising page for people to donate to your school’s fundraising and downloading your free fundraising tools and fundraising pack.

2 | Red Nose Day Danceathon

On 11-12 March, Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly will be attempting the longest ever celebrity Danceathon in Red Nose Day history. So whether you want to dance along with them or organise your own event, it’s a great opportunity to get kids active for a good cause.

Download your fundraising pack with everything you need to know on how to get involved, here.

3 | Put a Nose on it

Put a Nose On It is the official song for Red Nose Day 2019 and its provider, Out of the Ark Music, has also created this fantastic set of resources for schools to sing and dance along.

You can download vocal and backing tracks, lyric and music sheers, teachers notes and ideas for teaching and using the song and a fully interactive display screen with the lyrics in sync with the music.

Better yet, everything you need is available for free here.

4 | Assembly PowerPoint

Another resource from 2017’s event that you could use is this handy 15-minute assembly presentation, which comes with download topic maps for KS1 and KS2 showing how you can link Red Nose Day to different curriculum areas.

There are also nose templates which you can challenge children to decorate, and recipes ideas for tasty treats to sell to raise money.

Get all of this here.

5 | It’s a laughing matter

In this article Laura Wilson from Comic Relief offers some ideas for using laughter to boost student wellbeing while also raising vital funds.

As part of that there are 10 comedy-themed ideas for you to try, from setting up a weekly lunchtime comedy club for budding writers and performers have an opportunity to watch comedy classics and write and try out their own materials, open mic sessions, or hosting your own school comedy show with sketches and stand-up.

Dare teachers even put themselves in the firing line of a comedy roast?

You will have to lay some very clear ground-rules to stop anyone overstepping the mark, but if you’re brave enough it could be fun, and the students will love it.

Read the full article at sec-ed.co.uk.

6 | Comedy classroom

Sticking with the comedy theme, this BBC resource gives secondary students the opportunity to learn about comedy writing through a variety of literary activities.

You can download a resource booklet that features three 60-minute lessons, and handy notes such as this comedy toolbox and this glossary of terms

Find all this here.

7 | Red Nose Day facepainting tutorial

See who can come up with the best and most creative facepainting idea. Simply watch this tutorial video and let your imaginations soar.

See more at blog.partydelights.co.uk.

8 | Games and activities

If you’re after some great and easy-to-play games for young learners then playlearneveryday.com has 10 of them for you. Try a nose and spoon race, go bobbing for noses and of course there’s one called pick your nose.

Check out the whole list at playlearneveryday.com.

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