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5 of the best GCSE maths resources for last-minute revision – Updated for 2022

Make sure your pupils' revision adds up with these resources to help remember and recall all they've learned…

by Teachwire
Solving equations worksheets
DOWNLOAD A FREE RESOURCE! Solving equations worksheets – Linear equations KS3 maths

If X equals the amount of time left to revise and Y is the amount of knowledge required for the exam, work out the stress levels of students (Z) the more X decreases.

OK, enough silly maths question metaphors that probably don’t work either as a question or a metaphor – you get the general idea.

Following on from our recent piece on last-minute revision tips for GCSE English we thought we’d do the same for maths.

Honestly, we’re not trying to play into the Government’s EBacc infatuation – we love the arts, really, we do. It’s just we’re playing the numbers game. If every Year 11 student has to take these subjects then it makes sense to cover them.

See, that’s mathematical reasoning right there.

Anyway, here are a selection of resources that might help your maths class get as best-prepared for their GCSE paper as possible in the time that remains.

1 | Videos, past papers and revision checklists

Corbett Maths has a special area of the site dedicated to GCSE maths revision. Choose your maths exam board then click through to see all the resources available, including revision checklists, practice papers and instructional videos, including the one above, all about error intervals.

Choose your exam board and select your Corbett Maths resources.

2 | Quick Wits

More great knowledge retention activities here from Miss B, with ‘foundation’ and ‘higher’ activities, plus revision activities designed to get students through areas at pace.

Head to for these gems.

3 | Revision notes

This set of activities from includes things like laws of indices, expanding brackets and solving simultaneous equations.

They’re all free, and they’re all here.

4 | Maths made easy

There are loads of resources on from printables to online activities. There are mock papers, algebra puzzles, a spot-the-mistakes activity and even a resource for dealing with stress.

It’s well worth checking out here.

5 | HCF and LCM GCSE 9-1 revision

This sheet covers prime factorisation and finding the HCF and LCM of two (or three) numbers, with exam-type questions that gradually increase in difficulty.

The questions cover the full range of skills tested in GCSE and IGCSE for this topic and there are some problem-solving questions at the end.

Detailed solutions are included, as is a new style of PowerPoint, which allows the questions and their solutions to be easily selected for enlarged display onto a screen, one at a time – this makes it easier (and quicker) to go through the solutions in class.

Get this resource here.

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