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“We take the hassle away”

Thorpe Park

Alice Raines from Thorpe Park explains how to get the perfect blend of learning and thrill-seeking…

What lessons can I create pre- and post-trip?

The science and maths behind rollercoasters is a great place to start. Designing, building and maintaining our rides could be a whole module in itself.

Check out our website for an example of a ‘science of rollercoasters’ lesson.

Alternatively, it’s interesting to look at the HR structure of such a large business, or perhaps explore the hospitality and guest care side of things.

Also, as Thorpe Park offers live shows and seasonal scare mazes, the park offers a variety of interesting performance aspects for more theatrical students.

What feedback have you received from teachers?

We’ve been so grateful to receive excellent feedback from both teachers and students. With something for everyone, we’ve welcomed back schools from up and down the country for yearly trips.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some great teachers – their feedback has helped up sculpt our school trips to be as fun and educational as possible.

What workshops do you offer?

We offer workshops themed around science, maths, business and marketing, with more to come!

Our eye-opening lessons in STEM and business will challenge young minds and align with national curriculum requirements.

Our workshops last 25 minutes – enough time to add some educational value, but not long enough to disrupt your day.

Each workshop includes a presentation on your chosen subject from one of our education officers, as well as a group activity within marketing and business workshops.

What support can you offer ahead of a visit?

We know that organising a school trip for an entire class or more can be quite a challenge so we do everything we can to take the hassle away and help you arrange a perfectly smooth school trip.

Available for download on our website we have a permission slip, lead teacher checklist, risk assessment and a guide to ride safety.

You also get two free teacher planning tickets to visit and complete any checks you require.

What support can you offer post-visit?

Our care for our guests doesn’t end as soon as they leave the island! Any item lost on the day can be reported to guest services, or following your visit you can contact the team via the number below.

There’s been plenty of times where a student or teacher has thought of a great question to ask the education team while on the coach back home. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to find out anything we can for you!

Getting the best out of your day We can advise on meal deals, Fastrack tickets and how to beat the queues.

Linking your lessons Need some supporting information? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can dig up for you.

Students with additional needs Get in touch to see how we can accommodate students to ensure they have the most thrilling day possible.

To find out more visit, call 01932 577131 or email


Thorpe Park

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