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‘The curriculum is of high quality when it helps produce teaching that drives student learning. But the simplicity of this definition belies its complexity, and it requires some unpacking. To do so, it is useful to consider three questions:

1. Does the curriculum support effective, research-based pedagogy?

2. Is the curriculum content-rich?

3. Is the curriculum standards aligned?’

What we teach matters: How quality curriculum improves student outcomes, November 2018

School leaders are often frustrated by the effort it takes to track and monitor the effectiveness of their curriculum openly and transparently.

Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) empowers school leaders with the practical tools they need to create a truly engaging curriculum. It also allows schools to assess the effectiveness of their curriculum.

DPR is an award-winning online whole-school learning management system, designed by serving senior leaders within the education industry. It’s used at some of the most successful schools in the UK and was pioneered at Forest Gate Community School (FGCS), which Ofsted rated Outstanding.

DPR goes well beyond traditional software to connect pupils, families and teachers to track student progress against key learning objectives.

These (adjustable) learning objectives have been carefully selected for students to secure their understanding.

Whatever their academic starting point, students are given clear manageable learning journeys to make sure they do not fall behind the school curriculum.

The DPR essentially sequences learning across different year groups, standardises challenges and demands engagement from teachers and students.

Each student has their own portal accessible online, where families and teachers can monitor their progress. Students’ data are regularly updated, which means families can access up-to-date information on their children at any moment.

DPR assesses students’ learning in a formative manner. It, therefore, is very much parent-friendly.

Parents do not have to wait for parents’ evening to see how much progress their children are making. They can view the progress their children are making in real-time using DPR.

Parents are also able to print beautiful reports anytime.

For school leaders, DPR provides powerful engagement data through its Whole School Insights. The following are just a few examples:

  • Assignment analytics: tracking both the frequency and quality of homework set by teachers and submitted by students
  • Patterns of student and teacher log-ins
  • The extent of student and teacher collaboration: broken down by text and voice
  • Amount of resources uploaded by departments
  • Key objective analysis: analysing the effectiveness of taught key learning objectives through the DPR strategic overview

These real-time engagement data can be downloaded instantly to evaluate the extent and effectiveness of engagement with the school curriculum.

Schools can now request a demo account or a free two-month trial. This gives you full access to DPR and includes connecting to your MIS.

After two months, you can choose to continue or cancel. So go on, give it a try!

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“What we teach isn’t some sidebar issue in…education: it is…education”

Dr David Steiner of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore

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