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Support reading for pleasure in your school

Bookbuzz from BookTrust can play a big part in helping schools meet their reading for pleasure objectives. How? By providing an engaging way to get students reading regularly and by choice.

“It has motivated me to read more often and choose books that I wouldn’t usually choose to read.’’

Bookbuzz student

As the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, our mission at BookTrust is to get every child reading regularly, and by choice.

We know the benefits that reading for pleasure brings to educational outcomes and mental health. Our research also shows that when students choose what they want to read, they are more likely to develop a reading habit.

Bookbuzz is our national reading for pleasure programme for Years 7 and 8. Students can choose a book from a list of 16 titles to read and keep.

For just £3.30 per student, Bookbuzz provides the following:

  • A new book for every student to choose and keep – all specifically curated for Y7 and Y8, so you can be assured of their quality and suitability.
  • Two sets of all 16 Bookbuzz books for your school – that’s a total of 32 extra books for your library and/or classrooms.
  • A guide on how to use Bookbuzz, plus an accompanying video featuring input from the authors, to inspire your students and spark discussions.

“Getting books into the hands of students who may not have books at home was the best part about Bookbuzz.”

School librarian

Create a reading buzz in your school and join over 1,000 secondary schools that have already signed up to Bookbuzz 2023. The closing date is Friday 22 September.

For more information, call 020 7801 8800, email or visit

“I would recommend Bookbuzz because it generates genuine excitement with the students, and is often the beginning of a library habit that they will hopefully stick with.”

School librarian


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