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Shine – Targeted interventions for primary reading and maths from RS Assessment from Hodder Education

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At a glance

  • A complete solution for assessment, intervention and reporting from Y1-6
  • Enables teachers to identify and address gaps in learning
  • Effortlessly generates everything you need to provide targeted intervention
  • Builds confidence among pupils
  • From trusted brand RS Assessment from Hodder Education

As any teacher knows, testing pupils is just the beginning. It’s only once those assessments have been marked that the work really begins, assuming you want pupils to benefit from the information they reveal.

Not only do you want to know who is struggling with what, but you also need to do something about it so that they can show tangible progress come the next stage in the testing cycle.

Fortunately, Shine gives purpose to the whole process.

Developed by RS Assessment from Hodder Education, the trusted provider of assessment resources, Shine is a complete solution that makes assessment produce results.

Starting with the tests themselves, it enables teachers to turn their pupils’ performance automatically into useful reports that identify gaps linked to ready-made, targeted interventions.

What’s more, it’s all wrapped up in one neat, easy-to-use package.

Shine is beautifully simple, yet comprehensive, detailed and streamlined.

Once the termly standardised PUMA, PiRA or NTS assessments have been administered, teachers input the scores into MARK, the free online assessment and reporting tool.

This generates Shine reports for individuals or groups that highlight gaps in understanding at the content domain level. You’ll also be provided with links to suggested
learning sequences, expertly tailored to address those learning needs.

These learning sequences include ‘Prepare, do, review’ sections that give teachers all the information they need to implement the interventions successfully or delegate them to a teaching assistant.

There are activities, worksheets, quizzes and review sheets to help pupils build confidence. There is even software provided for modelling responses on an interactive whiteboard – ideal for group work.

Intuitively designed and easy to use, Shine provides an effortless way of delivering targeted interventions in response to expertly created assessments that closely resemble national tests.

It covers Y1-6 and allows for three test points per year. It’s available for reading, maths or both.

Just think of the time and effort it could save: meaningful reports generated with a few clicks; no need to create child-specific intervention materials; no need to explain to teaching assistants how you want them to deliver the support sessions.

Where else could you find all this in one comprehensive package? It’s almost like cheating. When it comes to assessment and targeted intervention, Shine has all the answers.


  • Created by experienced teaching experts
  • Thoughtfully designed and easy to use
  • Identifies learning gaps with precision
  • Saves time and effort
  • Suitable for group or individual work

Upgrade if…

You want a comprehensive package that gives confidence and purpose to teacher assessment and intervention.

Annual subscription of Shine Reading Skills is £400 + VAT, and Shine Maths is also £400 + VAT. Or, both together is £720 + VAT. Find out more at

Reviewed by Mike Davies


Rising Stars

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