Review – Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum

At a glance
  • Everything you need to teach primary music
  • Meets all statutory requirements and is aligned with the Model Music Curriculum
  • Six fully resourced, six-lesson units per year group
  • Supported by a range of extra materials such as ‘Guru’ videos and ‘Fanzone’ podcasts
  • Accessible through an easy-to-navigate website

A comprehensive, fun and engaging music scheme that will hit the right notes with pupils and teachers alike…

I’m not sure whether music was my first love – that might have been Thunderbird 2 – but it has always been close to my heart. I sang in the choir. I taught myself guitar and mercilessly played it at people (Barbie’s Ken was painfully accurate!).

Yet, when I became a primary school practitioner, I never really looked forward to teaching music. Even as an enthusiastic amateur with quite an eclectic taste, I lacked confidence in my lessons.

Of course, I was given teaching materials and told (more or less) what to do. Even so, I rarely felt I did the subject justice. The thought of having one of my lessons being bounced by an Ofsted inspector, for example, made me come out in a cold sweat.

That’s why Hullabaloo! from Dimensions Curriculum appeals to me so much.

Unless you’re either a masochist or a music specialist, I think most teachers really appreciate being given something that they know has been carefully crafted to deliver the music curriculum in a thorough and engaging way.

Straight away, I could see that Hullabaloo! was comprehensive and thoughtfully structured. It was also presented in a way that felt clear, fun and confident in what it was and whom it was designed for.

There was also a sort of cheerful, down-to-earth vibe about it. I instantly felt myself relaxing as I started to pick my way through what it had to offer.

Kudos to whoever put the product website together. I know most online resources are pretty intuitive these days or follow tried-and-tested navigation conventions, but I don’t think I’ve clicked through any site as fool-proof as this one – and believe me, I can take technological incompetence to whole new levels.

I could also imagine being able to go straight to this site during some sort of timetabling catastrophe and set up a great lesson within about five minutes if push came to shove. Of course, that never really happened to me. Ever. Honest.

Most importantly, Hullabaloo! supports you to deliver lessons that you’ll enjoy teaching and the pupils will love experiencing.

“Hullabaloo! supports you to deliver lessons that you’ll enjoy teaching and the pupils will love experiencing.”

The plans are clear and straightforward. They tell you exactly what skills the pupils will gain and the knowledge they are expected to acquire in each lesson.

They also include key vocabulary, a recap of previous learning and a cooling down activity, along with assessment tools.

I particularly enjoyed the little extras, such as the digital keyboard, instructional videos and fun little tips from the ‘Music Guru’. In fact, I probably found myself enjoying it too much, as I suddenly realised that I had let a fair amount of time slip by as I played around with the various whistles and bells.

Above all, this package had a delightful atmosphere that felt exactly how you’d want it to feel. It was like having a friendly music specialist in your computer – a trusted colleague who completely understood both the demands and the joys of being a primary teacher.

Now, that’s something worth making a Hullabaloo! about.

Ready to fall in love with the Hullabaloo! Primary Music Curriculum? Different price plans are available to suit both different-sized schools and different phases within schools.

Whole-school packages start at £200 (ex. VAT), while packages for individual phases start at £39 (ex. VAT). Visit the Hullabaloo! website to find out more.

Verdict Reviewed by Mike Davies
  • Comprehensive and authoritative
  • Easy to follow and use
  • Inspires confidence in even the most music-averse teacher
  • Packed with fun and engaging activities
  • Perfectly pitched for primary schools

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You want to develop a love of music in your pupils, instilled by staff who feel confident in their teaching practice.

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