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5 reasons to try… Kapow Primary lesson plans with CPD

Kapow Primary

Ambitious and thorough schemes of work to help you teach with confidence…

30 Second Briefing

Kapow Primary provides schemes of work with full national curriculum coverage and integrated CPD for the foundation subjects.

Integrating CPD into lesson plans empowers teachers to teach any subject with confidence. The high-quality and easily accessible resources enable teachers to develop their subject knowledge effectively.

1. Reduces workload

Do you get frustrated spending hours trying to find ideas and resources when planning a new unit of work? Kapow Primary does this legwork for you.

Each lesson plan comes complete with bite-sized teacher presentation videos demonstrating the skills and knowledge required for each lesson.

We’ve covered what to teach and when, leaving you free to focus on delivery. The videos are self-explanatory and clear, while the integrated CPD immediately upskills teachers, boosting confidence and reducing their workload.

2. Supports subject leaders

Kapow Primary’s integrated CPD approach is especially beneficial for subject leaders, particularly non-specialists or those who are new to a subject. You can use the video presentations, knowledge organisers, staff knowledge audits and assessment tools to help support and train staff.

There is a consistent and progressive approach to planning across year groups, and each long-term plan demonstrates how the scheme meets national curriculum requirements.

Kapow Primary takes care of the details, allowing you to concentrate on the quality of your teaching.

3. Improves subject knowledge and teacher confidence

How many times have you taught a subject you aren’t confident in and felt like you are ‘winging it?’ Kapow Primary’s teacher video presentations give you the information you need to teach like an expert in just a few minutes.

By demonstrating exactly what to teach, the videos enhance teacher subject knowledge in an accessible way and build confidence.

A confident teacher is an enthusiastic teacher, and an enthusiastic teacher inspires enthusiastic learners. Never feel like you’re ‘winging it’ again!

“Kapow Primary’s teacher video presentations give you the information you need to teach like an expert in just a few minutes.”

4. Highly relevant and specific

It can be difficult for schools to cover CPD for teachers in foundation subjects. The requirements vary widely and often there isn’t time to prioritise it.

Kapow Primary’s integrated CPD is specific both to subjects and to individual lessons, allowing teachers to learn as they teach. The first-rate resources are presented when they are needed as opposed to other forms of CPD that can’t necessarily be applied straight away.

Delivering CPD in this way makes it more meaningful, impactful and relevant.

5. Ongoing support

As well as incorporating CPD within plans and schemes of work, Kapow Primary offers teachers and subject leaders an abundance of other support, including regular live webinars with experienced specialists, dedicated communities on social media, and blogs full of useful ideas and information.

Subscribing schools can also access a back catalogue of popular webinars covering subject-specific topics, as well as advice about using and implementing the schemes of work.

See to sign up for the next webinar and read the latest blog posts.

To find out more, call 0203 873 1326, email or visit

Key points
  • Kapow Primary’s comprehensive schemes of work provide everything you need to implement impactful teaching and learning with full national curriculum coverage
  • Kapow Primary’s lesson plans and schemes are created exclusively by teachers for teachers. Experienced subject specialists are continually developing the first-class resources
  • Try Kapow Primary for free with a 14-day trial, including unlimited access to all eight subjects for your whole school
  • Kapow Primary is growing rapidly; established in 2019, it is now trusted by over 5,000 schools and used by more than 37,000 teachers weekly

Kapow Primary

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