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5 reasons to try… the Royal Opera House’s National Schools Programme

Royal Opera House
30 Second Briefing

The National Schools Programme at the Royal Opera House offers primary schools FREE access to teacher training, learning resources aligned to the curriculum, and opportunities to celebrate and share teacher and student learning at our celebration events with ROH artists.

There is no need for specialist subject knowledge or prior experience in dance, singing or design to be involved!

The structure of the programme offers great flexibility, enabling you to utilise the resources and skills you learn exactly how you want to, and in a way that meets your school’s needs.

1. Three creative pathways

Our National Schools Programme offers three main creative pathways:

Create & Dance (KS1&2) An inclusive approach to leading dance and storytelling that helps pupils develop creative collaboration, physical learning, spatial awareness, and general health and well-being.

Create & Sing (KS1&2) An accessible approach that combines singing and drama to build pupils’ self-expression, creative collaboration, performance confidence, voice, movement, and memory skills.

Create & Design (KS2) A hands-on design skills programme that supports pupils’ creative problem-solving, develops empathy, and builds careers understanding and connections between STEM and the arts.

2. Teachers attend CPD

Our programme often begins with a full day of in-person training with ROH professionals. These are located across the country for teachers to attend at their convenience. There is no expectation or need to have any knowledge of opera or ballet or to be a subject specialist in dance, design or singing!

3. Meet the artists

Introduce opera or ballet in a fun and accessible way by joining our interactive digital workshop from your classroom. During the programme you and your students have the opportunity to meet the artists via live digital events to continue your training and develop more transferable skills for the classroom.

“You and your students have the opportunity to meet the artists via live digital events to continue your training and develop more transferable skills for the classroom.”

4. Create & learn in your classroom

Our programme includes five lesson flexible schemes of work. Use our detailed lesson plans and high-quality digital resources in your classroom when it suits you – you can even apply our robust approaches to a topic of your choice.

5. Share & celebrate!

Throughout the year, you can join ROH artists and schools around the country to share and celebrate your learning online. This culminating moment for all teachers and students involved helps to inspire creativity within and beyond the classroom!

We have now launched our academic year 2023/24 CPD dates – start your journey today and register and attend for FREE.

The details
  • Enhance existing curricula in KS1–2 PE and music, and KS2 design & technology
  • Apply an innovative approach to a subject or topic: develop creative approaches across curricula, and underpin learning in spoken language, creative writing, and numeracy
  • Tailor our resources to the ambitions of your school: work at scale, embed creativity and make sustained change in your approach to Arts-led learning
  • Available across England

Royal Opera House
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