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Not long until Road Safety Week – 14th-20th November 2022

By taking part in Road Safety Week, you can help children, young people and parents learn why all lives matter on roads and encourage them to shout out for everyone’s right to make safe and healthy journeys.  

Three reasons why road safety is important for schools: 

1) Road crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young people worldwide 

2) More than six children are killed or seriously injured on roads every day in the UK 

3) Road crashes have a devastating effect on families and communities 

The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL. 

THINK about how we can all use roads safely to protect ourselves and other road users 

UNDERSTAND how safe roads can enable everyone to make safe and healthy journeys 

REMEMBER road crash victims and share their stories 

We’ve put together a great set of free teaching resources on the theme of Safe Roads for All, with assemblies, lesson plans, games, activity sheets, posters and more. 

Share that you are taking part in Road Safety Week on social media using #RoadSafetyWeek and don’t forget to tag @brakecharity. 

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