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Music Education Solutions

Music Education Solutions

What is it?

Music Education Solutions provides training and development for primary teachers. Whether you’re a music specialist or feel completely ‘unmusical’ we have an online course, webinar or live event just for you!

At Music Education Solutions we really do have something for everyone!

We understand that specialist and non-specialist music teachers need different training, and that the devolved nations of the UK all work with different curricula.

We therefore provide a comprehensive training offer with a variety of options to suit your level of expertise and geographical location, including options which specifically support accountability measures such as the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework in England.

We are research-led rather than resource-driven, so our courses won’t sell you a particular resource or approach.

Instead, they respect your professional expertise as teachers by presenting you with research findings and showing you how these can be applied in the classroom, with lots of practical activity ideas too.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off online course on a specific aspect of music teaching, a certificated blended learning course in music subject leading, a distance learning qualification in music education, a bespoke INSET session or a national event to get together with and learn from other teachers, we have all these and more!

“Our philosophy is simple – music education is important, and should be delivered well!”

Dr Elizabeth Stafford
Director, Music Education Solutions

For more information call 0330 133 4123 or visit


Music Education Solutions

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