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Natural History Museum

Choose the ideal educational experience for your group from a range of engaging options

From minibeasts to evolution, we offer a range of inspiring, curriculum-rich workshops and shows, as well as galleries for your class/school to explore.

School visits are available during term time. There are two types of visit available: self-guided with a show, workshop or tour, and self-guided.

All visits must be prebooked, and we are currently accepting bookings up to July 2024.

What workshops are available for Key Stage 1 and 2 classes?

For KS1, we run a Super Stegosaurus workshop – here pupils can take on the role of palaeontologists and discover how scientists piece together fossil finds with a focus on the Museum’s very own ‘Sophie the Stegosaurus’.

Launching April 2024, KS2 classes can get involved in our Pond Dipping outdoor workshop to explore pond life and conduct a scientific investigation into what different creatures eat.  

In our ‘LEGO® Build the Change: Save our Planet!’ workshop, pupils will use their creativity to design, build and share a solution to a real-world sustainability challenge.

You can browse the full list of workshops available on our website.

“Pupils can take on the role of palaeontologists and discover how scientists piece together fossil finds.”

What workshops are available for early years?

Available to book for dates from April 2024 onwards, our new outdoor learning programme offers a Minibeast Hunt, which is the perfect opportunity for little ones to get involved with nature.

A short story sets the scene for the class to hunt for bugs in our new Nature Discovery Garden and help the lost minibeast find its home and friends.

What shows can my class watch at the Museum?

Come and watch our ‘Ocean Life and Habitat’ immersive show, which highlights the importance of the oceans and demonstrates why it’s never been more vital to help protect this amazing habitat.

Or maybe dinosaurs are more your thing? Join us on a quest back in time with our Dino Show, where your class will use their scientific skills to discover more about dinosaurs and the world they lived in.

I can’t travel to the Museum; how can my class get involved?

If you can’t make it to the Museum, we offer live interactive workshops and shows that can be streamed directly to your classroom! 

From a Volcanoes and Earthquakes workshop where students must step up as earth scientists to save the day, to an Evolution workshop where your class will travel through the Earth’s history searching for evidence of change over time, there is something for everyone to get involved in, no matter where you’re based!

Key points
  • A visit to the Museum is a fun and inspirational day out for young people
  • You can browse the full list of workshops, shows and tours available on the Schools section of our website
  • Sign up to our monthly Teachers’ Newsletter to hear more about our schools offering, and how you and your class can get involved with the Museum

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