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From stage to screen with Kids Active Theatre Company

Kids Active Theatre
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Kids Active Theatre Company
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Kids Active Theatre Company produces factual plays that focus on social issues such as illness, bullying, and racism that are aimed at children and young adults to get discussions started.

Through visual arts we can reach out to young minds and help process thoughts and insecurities. Mental health support at a young age can help children process problems as they develop.

Through the arts, there has always been the ability to engage without judgment, to share knowledge, answers, understanding, and a message of hope and trust. It helps them explore their own situations.

Visual art mirroring as therapy (whether stage or screen) helps to communicate feelings or thoughts children find difficult to talk about.

It helps them to look at a problem or situation in a new way and explore difficult or painful personal experiences.

Mental health is a growing issue among our younger generation and although there is a huge amount of help to be had, a large number of children and young people still don’t come forward.

The recent challenges of the Covid pandemic have highlighted this more than ever, and managing fears and uncertainty in young minds is apparent. We need to make sure we get to the heart of the problems when engaging with children.

“Through visual arts we can reach out to young minds and help process thoughts and insecurities”

Factual, visual arts help young people understand themselves better and not hide in the shadows with their own demons.

Mental health affects people in many ways and yet, the hardest part is self-acknowledgment; to be able to speak out about it without feeling embarrassed or stupid is a double-edged sword.

It’s not easy to talk, it’s not easy to express feelings, it’s not easy to acknowledge suffering, and it’s not easy to ask others to understand.

Available shows
  • Someone Like Me
    Olivia’s story leaves no stone unturned as she takes her audience through her traumas and struggles throughout these years. This is a powerful, strong and heartfelt message (viewing age 9+).
  • Shine
    This is an amazing true story of one boy’s determination to step away from the pressures of drugs, crime and gangs while growing up. A story where fitting in means standing out (viewing age 11+).
  • Be Food Allergy Aware
    Fun facts and a lesson for life about food allergies, the symptoms and what to look out for (viewing age 4-8).
  • Stupid Wig
    A wonderful true story about a young girl’s anxiety about losing her hair while battling cancer. Hiding behind her illness becomes more of a struggle, until kindness overrides her fears (viewing age 7+).
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