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Find complete curriculum coverage and lesson plans for engaging history and geography classes…

30 Second Briefing

Kapow Primary’s history and geography schemes empower teachers and subject leaders to teach impactful lessons with confidence.

The geography lesson plans are relatable and relevant, enabling children to connect easily with the subject matter. For history, contemporary resources feature an exclusive interactive timeline that fosters the development of chronological awareness.

1. Teacher skills and knowledge videos

Kapow Primary delivers integrated CPD via its popular teacher videos. These bite-sized videos will help you to deliver high-quality, relevant and engaging lessons.

Learn about Roman army formations and how to recreate them; gain in-depth knowledge about the threats to the Great Barrier Reef; or explain how the physical features of Ancient Greece affected governance and trade.

Each original video, created by a team of subject specialists, introduces key vocabulary and facts while addressing common pupil misconceptions.

2. Interactive timeline

Kapow Primary has produced a digital timeline to help develop children’s chronological understanding of history. This innovative tool enhances children’s comprehension of duration and concurrency in a highly engaging and visual way.

The interactive timeline enables pupils to explore and compare different periods and reveal the key events. The website explains how to make the most of the timeline’s customisable features – such as how to pin specific events for future reference or to filter for particular time periods.

“Kapow Primary has produced a digital timeline to help develop children’s chronological understanding of history.”

3. Fieldwork opportunities

Put the fun back into fieldwork with Kapow Primary’s geography scheme.

Teaching effective fieldwork in primary schools can be difficult due to logistical and locational challenges. These lesson plans offer alternative suggestions to remove these barriers and make fieldwork accessible to all schools.

The resources use various methods to present human and physical features in the locality, including sketch maps, plans, graphs and digital technologies. They also support teaching fieldwork skills and how to apply them to the modern world.

4. Unique primary sources

Amongst Kapow Primary’s wide range of history resources are several unique primary sources. These include Tudor inventories describing the possessions of real Tudor people, and an original transcription of Elizabeth I’s visit to Worcester.

The lesson plans provide detailed guidance for teachers about how to use these remarkable resources to create meaningful experiences for children. Using primary sources of evidence helps children to form a link between now and the past and adds a deeper level of reality to their learning.

“The lesson plans provide detailed guidance for teachers about how to use these remarkable resources.”

5. Customisable resources

Kapow Primary’s geography and history pupil-facing lesson presentations are customisable on the website. You can personalise presentations by uploading your own images for some of the lessons using the presentation mode.

The upload function is a versatile tool for both history and geography, and you can use it to compare photographs of historical figures, view artefacts side by side, plan fieldwork routes, discuss different geographical features and consider old documents.

Online instructions take you through how to customise your lesson content and save your work.

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Key points
  • With programmes created by subject specialists, Kapow Primary supplies everything you need to teach engaging and effective history and geography lessons with confidence
  • Kapow Primary subject resources offer extensive subject leader support, including built-in assessment tools and full national curriculum coverage
  • As well as geography and history, Kapow Primary provides lesson plans for art & design, wellbeing, French, computing, music, design & technology, and RSE & PSHE
  • Schools that take up subscriptions for both history and geography are covered for humanities planning and resources across key stages all year round!

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