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Kapow Primary music scheme of work

Complete national curriculum coverage from EYFS to KS2 via hundreds of lesson plans and videos…

At a glance

  • A comprehensive music package that contains planned lessons, resources and additional support
  • Inclusive music content ranging from EYFS to KS2
  • Additional supplementary teacher skills videos to support delivery from non-specialists
  • Curriculum overview broken down into easily trackable units of work

Authored by music specialists, Kapow Primary’s music resources and supporting materials make teaching music straightforward, accessible and, dare I say it, fun – for specialists and non-specialists alike.

The Kapow Primary team is composed of educational experts and former teachers and this clearly shows in the quality of the resources they create. The primary music package is centred around a fully supported scheme of learning that spans from EYFS to the end of KS2.

Each lesson comes complete with learning objectives and success criteria, along with clear practical instructions for facilitating music learning, including what to have ready.

The planning is so detailed that even the key vocabulary is listed and defined. It’s these details that make Kapow Primary resources stand out.

Looking at the curriculum overview, it’s clear that the sequential nature of the learning is designed to expose pupils to a variety of types of music from various cultures.

Units consist of three main focuses: performing, listening and composing. The mapping is clear, easy to follow and boasts complete logic.

What is striking is the intricacy of how the skills are introduced and the opportunities that Kapow Primary has built in to allow teachers to assess and track understanding and progress.

Each unit and lesson has instructions on how to check for understanding, meaning that non-specialists can easily help learners overcome misconceptions, something that is hugely empowering.

What is reassuring is that the curriculum content is being fully reviewed to ensure that it meets the new non-statutory guidance for music, meaning that teachers can rely on Kapow Primary to ensure that the content will cover everything Kapow Primary has designed the interface to be fully user-friendly.

Each lesson features downloadable resources and these are supplemented by various support resources that are accessible via a simple click.

National curriculum links, as well as linked units, are all clearly visible. For a specialist or non-specialist, the lessons massively reduce workload and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of delivering the music curriculum.

Alongside the main scheme of learning, there are also additional music videos for teachers so you can model and show learners how to apply musical skills. The videos link to a wide range of musicians from diverse backgrounds, giving an additional element of discovery to the package.

Exciting additions that are on the way include full knowledge organisers and additional assessment materials. One of the big positives of this packages is that Kapow Primary’s reactive adaptability allows teachers to continually develop too.


  • Full bank of music resources for specialists or non-specialists
  • Easy-to-follow plans and exceptional detail throughout
  • User-friendly interface that makes resources quickly accessible
  • Sustained quality in terms of content
  • Teacher videos save workload and increase effectiveness

Upgrade if…

You want a comprehensive package to deliver music from start to finish. Perfect if you don’t have music specialists in school but still want to provide effective exposure to the subject.

Prices from £185+ VAT, find out more at

Reviewed by Adam Riches


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